About Us

STEP BY STEP is a premier preschool , started by ‘MR. ABHINAV’ with a combined experience of teaching and management. World-class learning environments that foster creativity, coupled with a scientifically researched curriculum, make a child’s first out of home learning experience truly wonderful. Today, STEP BY STEP is a name synonymous with high quality education and excellence.
STEP BY STEP was established in 2016 with a vision to enhance the quality and experience of pre-schooling at Haridwar. It has been a pioneer in the pre-schooling industry when it comes to creating excellent stimulating learning environment. Here learning is truly the fun way for the little ones. We have created an indelible impression in the pre-schooling .
There are international standards for all the working methodologies and are renowned for the innovativeness in providing a 360 degree holistic experience for the children as well as the parents. This effort has helped them reach out to thousands of parents who have been very meticulous in providing quality education to their children at an affordable fee.
We at STEP BY STEP have been successful in creating spaces where kids grow up to be confident and take pride in everything they do. Which is why we did not just create preschools but created ‘Center of Excellence’. The center provide a wholesome experience for the kids that include everything that is required for them to be all round achievers. The environment at the centers are extremely enriching and very different from the monotonous atmosphere of a school which teaches just ABCs..